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What does it mean to be organized?

 Good question! 


  • Organization is a personal thing and can have many different looks. 

We are looking for a personalized space not a magazine cover. Creative people want and need to be stimulated by the things that drive their creativity. Others are more pragmatic, they like things hidden away to be easily accessible when needed. 

In short, if you like the look and feel of your home and you’re confident and comfortable in it, you're probably organized.

What about when people visit you? Do other people feel comfortable in your home as well? How can you organize your home to make it welcoming to others?


  • Organization means everything has a place - a home where you can find it.

Does everything you own has its own home, a designated place where it belongs?

Do you know where everything is, so that you can access it when you need it?

Organization, in this sense, means unlocking your ability to get things done...easily and quickly.

And organization means it is fast and easy to clean up when you're done, because things have a home to return to.


  • How can you become more organized?

Don’t panic – everyone can learn it! For some of us it comes easily and others need help. That is why I'm here.


If you're ready to apply organization to your home and in your life...welcome to the club.


For instance, at work you're most likely organized. Whenever you plan a party, a vacation, a gathering or dinner with friends you're organizing. We just don't always take the time or spend the energy to get the other parts of our life and home organized. 

  • Organization is a habit.   

For example, every tool, pen or paper you use, needs to be returned to its home so you can quickly and easily access it again. Make it a habit. And don't do it later, which takes more time, often causing someone else to waste time looking for it.


That is the big difference – it’s so simple and often so hard to do.

But once you get organized, it is easier to stay organized. What you need, and what I've got, are the tools and techniques for getting and staying organized.

I look forward to hearing from your and working with you to make your life more comfortable, creative, and cozy...or as we say in Germany helping you create a gemuetliches | comfortable home.

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